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Commissioning a Ketubah

Working with me on a ketubah (or other illuminated document) is a collaborative process. You need to allow enough time for us to consult and communicate back and forth about text, calligraphy style, overall design, motifs, colors, etc. Therefore, I generally ask for a 3 months period between when we make an agreement and the wedding date (or other celebration/event).


There are many options for texts from traditional to your own composition. I will work with any text and welcome all couples including same gender couples. It's best to first discuss the text with the rabbi (or whoever else will officiate) to be clear on how much latitude you have. Then, go to some of the many ketubah websites and look at the texts they offer. I recommend www.e-judaica.com, where, in the "Ketubah Gallery" section, you'll find Orhtodox, Conservative, Reform, same-gender, and egalitarian versions.

If you write your own text, you need to decide if you want it in Hebrew, English, or both. As I am a native speaker of Hebrew, I can easily translate your English text into poetic contemporary Hebrew.


Begin by looking at the samples on this website and identifying a few that are to your taste. Also look at calligraphy styles in the different samples. Once you have a general idea of what you like, think about overall shape (rectangle with or without an arched top, circle, oval, free-flowing form, etc.), images that may tell about who you are, verses you may wish to incorporate in the illuminated border, your favorite colors, etc. We will work together and I will send you several rounds of sketches for designs and color combinations until we arrive at the perfect ketubah for you.


Since I will be designing a unique hand-made ketubah for you in a process that involves a lot of discussion and communication, the minimum cost is $1000. This would apply to the simpler designs. Most ketubot you see on the website would cost in the $1500-$3000 range. If we work together, we can either begin with your budget or with the design, depending on your preference. Take into account that writing the text in a circular or oval shape is more time-consuming than a rectangle.

I ask for a 50% deposit upon signing the attached agreement on text, design and cost. I will expect the balance within 7 days after you receive the finished ketubah. Payment is by check made out to me. I will provide you with my address via phone or email. After we make a verbal agreement about your ketubah, please complete & print out the agreement document and send it to me with your check.